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Do you use Windows? 

7 deviants said Yes I do! (Windows 9.X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
1 deviant said No, I use one of the many Linux derivatives. (Ubuntu, Mint, Gnome, Red Hat, CentOS, ect.)
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Hardwire reviews Windows 10 Pro TP

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2015, 8:09 AM
Hey everypony, Hardwire here!

Almost all of us here on DA use a computer to draw, and every one of us definitely uses a computer to upload our art to DA. Most of us most likely uses a Windows PC when using a computer, right? Well, if you do use Windows, and haven't been to impressed with Windows 8 or still use Windows 7 because 8 sux... here's a little preview of what's to come with the new Windows 10, or as I like to say, the new-and-improved Windows 8 :D. Keep in mind, I'm only supplying you all with a preview of a preview. Windows 10 is not complete so some of the features i showcase here may be changed or removed by the time 10 is fully released. Also this is being ran on my home server, so I may not be able to provide as in-depth information as some would desire.

Lets start out with something I know everyone hated about Windows 8, the Start menu. 

Old Familiar Start Menu by xHardwirex
Well everypony, it's back! Ahh that good old familiar start menu. Well, kinda. Yes it is different, but it feels more useful than any previous Windows' releases. Right now, Apps cannot be brought from the Start menu to the desktop, but there have been many suggestions for them too. Let's hope that feature is added in the next build! 

Yes the start menu is back, but how useful is it? Well, every App and/or Program on your computer can now be found from the All Apps button, and it literally is EVERYTHING. Don't worry though, everything is listed in alphabetical order! Cool thing about this is, there's no more windows popping out and filling half your screen since the All Apps menu scrolls right in the start menu. And while in this current TP build the Start menu cannot be adjusted in size, that option is likely to return in the next TP build. However, if i wanted to, i could maximize the start menu to take up the whole screen.

Hardwire, what's that search bar next to the Start button?

Search From The Os by xHardwirex
I'm glad you asked! It's the new Search Bar. The old search bar from Vista and 7 has been moved out to the task bar! In this build there's no way to make it smaller or even remove it, but the community has been asking Microsoft about that... 
This feature might get changed or adjusted in the future, but as of now, it lets you put in your search straight into Windows, which will then open your primary browser (most likely chrome or firefox) and already have the search running! Or if you want to look for something on your PC, it will find any Program or App you specify.

You keep saying something about Programs and Apps, do they conflict with one another still?

Apps and Programs by xHardwirex
They sure as hell don't! Both Programs and Apps run FROM THE DESKTOP and can be ran in separate windows either snapped together as seen in the preview, or on top of one another like other windows. As you can see, i have my server's IIS Program running right beside the Xbox App.

This feature alone may have me sold for Windows 10. No longer do you have to bring up Chrome, Firefox, IE, or any other browser to go to say, Deviant Art. Just download the App from Windows Store and you're ready to go!  

The Windows Store by xHardwirex

This is good an all, but what about making changes to my PC? What if i'm just an ordinary user? or maybe a hard core user?

Two Ways To Change Settings by xHardwirex
Since you asked, 
Microsoft seems to be acknowledging the fact that there are two kinds of PC users: the casual user, who just kinda surfs through a few settings, only customizing Windows to fit their day-to-day needs, and the hard core pc user, the one who will find Windows' weak spots and break them! So they have two ways to change your settings, either in the redesigned PC Settings app, or the old familiar Control Panel.

If you can't find what you need in the Control Panel cause its is (or always has been) confusing, Microsoft has yah covered with the PC Settings App. They redesigned it from Windows 8's version to be more user friendly and it is easier to navigate than Control Panel. However, they left Control Panel in place for the serious computer user who wants to see what settings they can change to break Windows.

Hold your horses for a second.... You've said the community is making suggestions, what do you mean?

Microsoft might be Listening by xHardwirex
Horses? really? And what I mean is this, Microsoft
 might actually take into account what us consumers havta say! They have a built in app right into Windows 10 Pro TP that allows us users to directly and verbally bitch slap Microsoft for their stupidity! If we testers find something, be it a bug or UI suggestion, then we can go straight to Microsoft and beat them across the head with it.

Hardwire, I heard Cortana (Windows' version of Siri) will be in Windows 10, have you reviewed that any?


As you can see by the lack of a preview, I have not. Because the way I access my server is through RDP (Remote Desktop) only, I have Cortana turned off. I most likely won't use that feature of Windows 10 till I''m running it on my main PC.

In conclusion, I believe Windows 10 will be the much desired replacement for Windows 8 we all have been longing for. The UI might be similar to 8, but so was 7's to Vista, and we all loved 7. There's still unreleased features Microsoft's still waiting to roll out in the Windows 10 preview, so this isn't even everything, but hopefully this is enough to let you know that you're daily life on 10 won't be as frustrating as it was on 8. And this goes for all platforms running 10; aside from smart phones, Surfaces, Laptops, and Desktops will all be running the exact same Windows! 

I hope you all enjoyed this little preview of our future, I know this isn't the usual thing that you see around Deviant Art, but it still affects us just as much.

All screenshots are of copyrighted material shared for informational purposes ! Logos or icons are © to their respected owners!

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